SEO Article Writing – Tips To Finding Great Content Ideas

Once you master SEO article writing you will be able to put your blog post or articles onto page 1 of Google for lots of different keywords. The problem is that so many people struggle to come up with fresh ideas for content.

In fact coming up with your content has already been decided and I am going to show you how and why in this article today. By the end of the article you will really understand how you can write about new topics on a daily basis that will get you traffic.

Most people will try and think up ideas for their content and then look for the keywords that might be useful to match that content. This is what I used to do and I would spend hours thinking of things to write about then trying some keyword research, a complete waste of time.

What you should be doing is finding words that people are searching for online right now. There is no point you writing an article on a topic that nobody is searching for or interested in. The way to find out what people are searching from is to do your keyword research on a specific niche.

If you know what niche you are going after, that is your starting point when doing your keyword research. So let’s say you were going after article marketing, put that into Google keyword tool and another 800 related words or phrase will come up.

If you know how to do keyword research the right way it’s going to take you a few hours to come up with a list of great keywords. Those keywords are your subjects and will be placed in your title, so now you have your topic and something to write about.

You may end up with as much as 20 or more keywords that you can use as articles. Now you can begin your SEO article writing and start producing content. If you did find 20 keywords, well that’s 20 articles you can write and I can’t tell you how much time you will save by doing your keyword research to find your topics.

By doing it this way you may only have to do your keyword research once a month or less depending on how many articles you wish to write each day and how many words or phrases you come up with. You will also never run out of ideas for SEO article writing ever again as you will be writing about the hottest topics all the time.

So to recap, find your niche and do your keyword research first to get your ideas and titles for all your articles. Plan your article marketing strategy with the number of keywords or phrases you have and start writing.

Top 7 Useful Tips on Finding a Company Providing White-Hat SEO Services

The growth of an online business is significantly attributed to the White-hat SEO companies. White-hat SEO experts have added a significant boost to the business on the online platform and have defined it with a unique way to make it reach to every targeted person or organization. It is said that almost 60% of the acknowledgement goes to the web designing and development companies, which have been efficiently developing the outstanding web projects.

When more than half of the percentage behind the success of an online business is due to SEO companies, then it will not be difficult to understand the value of SEO Companies. This is why the selection of SEO Company has to be done very carefully. It is said that SEO companies have capably delivered positive results and have come up with many great projects. Their capability and knowledge are simply out of the box, due to which, the results are in their favour. However, not all companies deserve appreciation and are worthy of hiring. Every coin has two sides; the intelligence is in choosing the side, where there is profit. Therefore, selecting the best white-hat SEO Company is also necessary. Below are some tips, which would help you in doing so:

Now comes the five crucial ways to select the best white-hat SEO Company, which would finally create the online presence of the company.

1.Going through the track record

Checking over the work & projects handled by the company can give a fair idea about the company. Ask for URLs of customers’ websites, try to contact their customers and know about their firsthand experience. If there is any sort of doubt regarding the company, this will sort it out.

2. Understanding the company

Knowing about the specialities, knowledge, and expertise in the field helps a lot. If any company is able to explain its expertise backing with valid proofs, then trusting them won’t be a bad deal.

3. Ranking

Checking the ranking of the company with which one is planning to deal with is important. However, make sure that the ranking is checked upon only on the basis of relevant and competitive keywords & phrases.

4. Cost

Remember that high prices never guarantee top-grade results; also that low prices might be deceiving. Right prices for the right services need to be quoted by the company, which in turn would make easy in making a comparison.

5. Guarantee

If any company guarantees about ranking the website at the top position in the search engine result pages, then immediately realize that it is fake. It is one fact which even search engine denies.

6. Services as a part of their packages

The services offered as a part of the package differ from SEO company to company on the basis of the cost as well as nature of an online business. Therefore, it is worthwhile to check the services of an SEO company end to end and select the one that offers at least a few essential services such as the onsite optimization, keyword research, SEO copywriting, blog creation, link building etc.

7. Success rate

You can readily resolve the success rate of an SEO company by ensuring the number of clients the company has worked for on its stint and the duration for which they have dealt with the SEO projects. Achieving SEO results overnight is a far-fetched idea. Therefore, it makes sense to hire white-hat SEO companies that have carried out a range of SEO projects for clients over a term of 3 to 6 months or more.