Local SEO Tips Anyone Can Implement – DIY Tips

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my local SEO tips. There is so much information floating around the net, it can be hard to determine what will help, and what won’t. Rest assured, the tips I will share with you in the short article will absolutely help you get off to a good start. Let’s dive in.

I am going to give you some local SEO tips that you can put to use, starting today. Here are the things you can do that will help your site start performing better in your niche:

  • Optimize your site. Don’t overdo it here, but you MUST tell Google what you do and where you do it. If you don’t have that information in your domain name, then use your site title to do so. If you are a plumber in Omaha, a well optimized site title could be Brand Name | #1 Omaha Plumbing Company. Optimize your title a little, then maybe add related keywords a time or 2 in your content. Sound normal, and don’t overdo it! Also, add your NAP info into your footer. NAP = Name, Address, Phone #.
  • Claim and Optimize you Maps listing. If you are a legitimate business, chances are Google knows about you. If you have not claimed your listing, do so immediately. You will want to have your NAP info be identical to your site’s here. Also, add hours, categories, and fill it out as completely as you can. A great local SEO tip here is to Geo Tag your images. There is a lot of info on the web about how to do this, so just give it a quick search and you will be good to go.
  • Get those citations! Citations will help your Maps rankings, as well as give your website a nice foundation of branded links. Most of these will be nofollow links, but do carry weight and are very important. These are sites like Yelp, Manta, YellowPages, CitySearch etc, and you can create FREE listings on all of them. They will definitely try to get you to advertise, which I think is unnecessary, but your decision. We are after the link we get from the sites. Make sure NAP info is EXACT here. If you don’t want to do this yourself, there are plenty of services available that build citations for you. I would be happy to help if you get stuck.
  • Get social! If you don;’t have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,and Pinterest, get them. You will want to get these done and filled out as completely as possible. All will provide a nice link back to your site as well.

These are a few of my beginner local SEO tips. If you follow the tips from above, you will be off to a great start. In low competition niches, doing this might be enough to get your site and Maps listing ranking very high!

Local SEO Tips You Need to Implement

If you want to target a specific town, you should have a physical address in its locality.

It is very important to have a consistent physical address in the area you choose to optimize. In addition, the vicinity where your specific address is located should be as close as possible to your targeted area.

Use Google My Business (GMB) the proper way.

Google has made GMB more important, meaning, any business info you include in it also appears on Google+, Google Search and Google Maps. This makes it easier for customers to locate you with whatever device they use.

When you create or further expand your GMB for local SEO, make sure that:

You fill in your GMB completely with accurate, relevant and consistent information

You list an owner-verified GMB location

You mention the specific town and city you are targeting in the GMB landing page title

The GMB’s main categories are consistent with your products that match a wide-ranging search category.

Make sure that the NAP or Name, Address and Phone on your site is the same on GMB.

Aside from your physical address, make sure that the NAP matches the name of your business; this has to be consistent wherever it appears on the web.

In particular, you should use an accurate template for your NAP no matter where they are used – like on your site, Google+ account, GMB or other sites, as well as directory listings.

Make sure your website includes a map to your physical address.

In addition to including contact info on your website, it would also help a lot to incorporate an actual map so people will know your exact location. You can add a code on the contact page of your site to include a map to your location.

Give a distinct web page for every product.

If you offer different products/services, see to it that each has its own webpage, together with specific and relevant details. These pages in particular can be linked from a page that shows the products/services offered in your portfolio.

Use citations properly.

Obtaining citations in major directories across the globe, region and locality is crucial for local SEO. Citations have the ability to boost credibility and build authority for your website, and best of all drive, traffic to your site.

However, if you have no website (it is a must), you can be more visible with the help of local listings.

If you plan on using citations, make sure that:

They are consistent.

They come from good quality websites.

Your business gets mentioned in blog posts and the local newspaper.

You have a lot of domains that are relevant to your locality and industry that talk about your business in a positive manner.

Must Implement SEO Tips for Local Business

Search Engine Optimization can be normal or local. If a webmaster decides to opt for local SEO, a few tips can help. SEO is meant to ensure page rank of the site on search engine result pages of leading search engines headed by Google. One of the main challenges in the arena has been Google frequently changes its search algorithm and SEO projects have to keep pace with such changes.

Understanding Local SEO

Ranking in respect of local searches takes a different approach than in case of normal SEO. Local SEO has in it an organic element that is not present in normal SEO. Local SEO is meant for locally based business enterprises with the primary objective of attracting huge local buyers to their sites. There are certain factors that help get top local listing with leading search engines including Google.

Unique Contents and Authentic Domain

Local search would confine to a certain specified geographical location. But like normal SEO, unique contents are essential for getting desired page rank. Unique contents are still one of the top 5 SEO tools around in the industry.

Domain Authority

Similarly, the authentic domain name would also help get the ranking. Simply speaking domain authority refers to the matrix for determination of the performance of the website. It helps get top ranks in the local SERP. For gaining the domain authority, the site should be user-friendly and loaded with most relevant and updated content.

Using City and State in Title

Using city and state names in the home page is one of the most important factors determining local ranking. They should appear in the title and if possible; hinted at the URL of the site as well. This can be one of the top 5 SEO tools for search engine optimization.

Mobile and Social Media Optimization

To get page rank on local SERP it is essential that the site is mobile friendly. At the same time it should make good use of social media optimization process. There are millions of mobile users and social networking media users and it opens up vast opportunities for attracting potential customers to the site.

Full Contact Details

Giving full contact details on the home page and also other pages would generate trust and goodwill among the viewers. Buyers would always prefer a site that details its contact number, address, email id and others instead of those coming up with a form to be filled out and submitted. Not only the complete address and contact details be shown on the sites, but they should appear prominently on the pages displayed. It would be a good step to put a Google map showing the location of the enterprise for the viewers on the contact details page.

Use of ALT -Text

This is one of the best methods for both local SEO and normal SEO. It aims at targeting some keywords used by people to search content on the. However, it is important to note that keyword stuffing is not to be done.

There are many other important local SEO tips that one can follow